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About: Richmond, IN

In the early 1800s, during a period of westward migration after the American Revolution, several Quaker families from North Carolina settled along the East Fork of the Whitewater River. Today Richmond still remains home to several Quaker institutions, including Friends United Meeting, Earlham College and the Earlham School of Religion. The city is sometimes known as "the cradle of jazz," because several early jazz records were made in Richmond at Gennett Records Studio, a division of the Starr Piano Company.

Population: 39124
Local Newspapers: Palladium-item
Local Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Fever, Indiana Firebirds, Indiana Pacers
Local Colleges: Earlham College, Indiana University East

High Speed Internet in Richmond, IN

Deep in the heart of the Information Age, people need to stay connected more than ever before. The residents of Richmond, Indiana, are no different. You need high speed Internet with the fastest connections and best customer service to keep you informed and entertained.

Gone are the days of dial-up, 14.4 modems and that screeching noise when you connected with your Internet Service Provider. With high speed Internet, you can stream live video and music, download large pictures and files, and chat live with family and friends that either live in Richmond or on the other side of the world. High speed Internet, along with social media, just made the world much smaller.

Unable to watch the games for the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Fever, Indiana Firebirds, Indiana Pacers? Log onto your favorite sports websites to see streaming video, live updating scores and breaking news.

Most newspapers now publish online versions, helping the world stay green, including your local newspapers, Palladium-item. And students from Earlham College, Indiana University East should even be able to take some online courses as they strive for their degrees.

Great high speed Internet, like our services provide, allows people to work and communicate better, play quality video games, watch television online, and create and manage their own websites.

And one of the best things about getting connected with our Internet service providers is that many people will also be able to combine many other digital services into bundles -- and get discounts! That's right! Save money by bundling together your digital services, like high speed Internet, mobile Internet, home phone and cable or satellite TV! Fewer bills mean more money in your pocket!

Zip Codes associated with Richmond, Indiana: 47374

Towns/Cities in the area of Richmond, Indiana : New Paris, Spring Grove, Centerville, Fountain City, Cambridge City.


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